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    Healthy Paws not only sells pet insurance, but is actively involved in pet adoption and rescue! They have a foundation, (Healthy Paws Foundation), that works with various pet adoption and rescue groups in order to help them communicate their causes with the marketing and communications skills available through their company. At Healthy Paws, they’ve created what they call the next generation pet insurance plan that offers more coverage, the fewest exclusions, and the best value. Along with that  add great customer service. One Plan. Four Paws. All Covered! That’s their motto. Healthy Paws considers what all “pet parents” may want or need in their pet insurance coverage.

  • Comprehensive coverage for accidents, illness, and hereditary and congenital conditions.
  • Select an annual deductible that works for you.
  • No annual or per incident limits.
  • Fast claims re-imbursement.
  • Use any licensed vet in the US or Canada.
  • AAHA approved
  • BBB rating = A-

    Here is how Healthy Paws determines if you are getting the best value from a pet insurance plan:
  1. Compare Coverage, Exclusions and Price together. There can be huge differences in coverage between pet insurance companies! Some of the first pet insurance companies created really cheap price plans but that came along with equally inferior coverage. So look closely at what is excluded. As pet parents, they want the plan to include:
    1. Comprehensive accident and illness coverage. As responsible pet parents, you should be prepared to cover the costs of routine care and wellness treatments. It’s for the unexpected costs that you need pet insurance.
    2. Coverage for all hereditary and congenital conditions. These tend to be the most costly of conditions and your plan should not limit the coverage for these expensive treatments.
    3. Coverage for Emergency Care. Because emergency veterinary clinics are open 24 hours, they tend to charge more for their services. Find a plan that doesn’t reduce coverage or reimbursement levels for Emergency Care.
  2. Plans must pay on your actual veterinary costs. Avoid pet insurance companies that use benefit schedules to determine reimbursement levels or use the term “usual and customary fees” in their policy. It puts a pre-determined limit on your claim and often reduces your reimbursement level to 60% or less. You’ll be very disappointed when you file a claim.
  3. What do their Customers Say? Look  for objective reviews from customers of the various pet insurance companies.