Trupanion / Canada

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One Of The top 3 Canadian Companies!

Trupanion did better in Canada than in the U.S., as far as customer service and their Better Business rating. They had an A- rating in the U.S. which knocked them off of our “best companies” list. It seems that the Canadian office had no complaints listed with the BBB, unlike the US division which had 4 complaints. Even though the complaints were resolved in a satisfactory manner, it lowered their rating as previously stated. Trupanion is a fine company with good customer service, we expect their U.S. rating to go back up to match the Canadian Division in the near future. (****update 5/19/11–recent checks by our researchers found that the U.S. divsion of Trupanion has indeed resolved their customer issues, and once again holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau!****)

One important point that customers seemed sold on was their no dollar payout limit on policies that include  lifetime coverage for the pet.

Although hereditary and congenital conditions are present at birth, the animal may not be exhibiting symptoms and so will be treated as if the condition were not “pre-existing” in most cases. This is a big plus for Trupanion since quite a few other pet insurance companies will not cover these types of conditions, even when no symptoms were present at the pets time of enrollment!

Trupanion is also a founding member of NAPHIA, (North American Pet Health Insurance Association).

Check out this interview with the COO of Trupanion!

  • •No payout limit.
  • •Covers 90% of your vet bill.
  • •Rapid claim approval.
  • •No penalties for submitting claims by having your rates raised.
  • •Premiums won’t increase as your pet ages.
  • NAPHIA member.
  • AAHA approved.
  • BBB rating = A+ AAHAlogo