**Vetinsurance Plan Pet Insurance**

( 1-800-930-1019 )

One Of The Top 3 Canadian Companies!

We liked Vetinsurance right off because their coverages were designed by a veternarian. Though they are only 12 years old, they have grown immensely popular during that time. Vetinsurance Plan is Canada’s highest consumer-rated pet health insurance company. They do things s little bit differently in that they don’t have a deductible ordinarily. The pet owner pays only the vets examination fee, and Vetinsurance pays 90% of the approved claim, with the pet owner paying the remaining 10%. While they don’t have an overall deductible, there is an option to lower your premium even more by choosing a per condition deductible, if that would fit your budget better.

Accident coverage begins 5 days after the inception date of the policy, with illness coverage after 30 days.

Our research revealed tons of glowing testimonials from pet owners and veterinarians alike! They offer a 30 day money-back guarantee which is always a plus for the consumer.


  • •Claims process and policy terms are straightforward and easy to understand.
  • •Policyholders will never be penalized for the number of claims submitted or a pet’s aging.
  • •Low monthly premiums, they pay 90% of approved claim
  • NAPHIA member
  • •BBB rating = A+