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Banfield has been in business since 1955, when a veterinarian named Warren J. Wegert, living in Portland,Oregon decided he wanted to make available affordable, high quality pet health care. He started Banfield Pet Hospital and through various business and professional relationships, created a stellar reputation for animal care. This reputation led PetSmart to invite Banfield to set up hospitals inside their chain of pet supply stores. Later on they joined with the Mars family of businesses, (of Mars Candy Bars fame ), and today have more than 770 pet hospitals throughout the nation. They are the leader in innovations like Optimum Wellness Plans, now in place for two decades with more than 1 million pets enrolled, and the first and most extensive quality-assurance program in the industry. They offer 2 types of plans, Optimum Wellness for preventive care which may be used all the time if you go to their facilities.

Optimum Wellness Plan is set up sort of like a discount membership club and has a free finance option! Their Pet Insurance Plan is for covered injury and illness only and will not cover pre-existing conditions.



  • Vaccinations & Preventive Care
  • Illness & Injury Care
  • Surgery and Internal Medicine
  • Dentistry, Radiology and Microchipping
  • BBB rating = B