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RSPCA Pet Insurance Review

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One Of The U.K.’s Best!

Since 1824, the RSPCA has been at the heart of animal welfare. In conjunction with AXA Insurance they now offer domestic pet insurance. Their long history of animal specialty means that their pet insurance goes beyond what’s usually offered from most insurance companies. Each of their policies helps care for animals in need, with 20 percent of each premium going towards the RSPCA’s care for unwanted and neglected animals in England and Wales. RSPCA actually owns four animal hospitals, and quite a few clinics that provide care for animals whose owners cannot otherwise afford it. It is the first animal welfare agency started in the world, and was granted its’ royal status in 1840 by Queen Victoria. The RSPCA through its’ charitable work has inspired other similar groups including the ASPCA, ( The American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals). They have been very active in lobbying Parliament over the years and successfully getting various pieces of legislation passed that help animals across the board!


  • Vet fees – up to £6,500 per condition with Gold coverage, or up to £3,000 per condition with Silver coverage to help with vet bills if your cat or dog develops a new medical condition.
  • Boarding costs – up to £100* per week is available for kennelling costs should you fall ill and require hospital treatment as an in patient (*£100 per week to a maximum of £750 with Gold coverage, or £50 per week to a maximum of £250 with Silver coverage).
  • Third party liability insurance – up to £2 million to help with legal liability for any loss, damages or injury caused by your dog (up to £2,000,000 with Gold coverage, or £1,000,000 with Silver coverage).