Buddies For Life Pet Insurance

Buddies for Life Review

( phone:  0800 298 7889 )

Buddies Silver and Gold plans offer coverage in case of a pets death by accident or illness ( age limits apply). In addition, the Silver and Gold plans have payouts for lost and/or straying animals and will help with advertising costs and rewards for finding the errant pet. They also have a payout for third party liability, (dogs only) up to £1,000,000. Buddies For Life coverage doesn’t end there however, again the Silver and Gold plans will provide a payout for holiday cancellation fees as well as kennel and boarding costs.


  • They have free puppy and kitten guides.
  • Buddies is a pet specialist, providing policies to suit the pocket of most owners.
  • They offer an online quote and buy option.
  • First month is free!
  • Gold policy provides £6,500 worth of cover per accident or illness.
  • Affordable monthly installments are available.
  • Your choice of ongoing or annual coverage.

Buddies For Life will not cover routine veterinary costs, as some other  pet insurance companies will do! This disparaged our researchers somewhat because routine care is a way to make sure that your pet is in good general health. Veterinary fees which are not covered include the costs of routine examinations, vaccinations, whelping, kittening, neutering, spaying and prescription drugs for preventative treatment.