PDSA Pet Insurance

PDSA Pet Insurance Review


( phone – 0800 980 6000 )

One Of The U.K.’s Best!

PDSA is Britain’s leading veterinary charity, caring for more than 350,000 pet patients belonging to people in need. They have been offering the Petsurance policy for many years. PDSA pet insurance products are created under the guidance of its veterinary experts. Our researchers were impressed with their mission statement and priorities.

Their mission :

To care for the pets of people in need by providing free veterinary services to their sick and injured animals and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Their priorities:

  1. To maintain PDSA PetAid charitable services in every community in which they are available on a stable, sustainable and long-term basis.
  2. To expand PDSA PetAid charitable services in line with a clear and controlled business plan as widely as funds and circumstances permit.
  3. To raise the public’s perception and awareness of the work of PDSA in order to increase understanding and encourage funding for our work.
  4. To deliver a varied program of pet health initiatives that complements and supports the delivery of PetAid services.

Coverage starts from as little as 12p a day:  e.g. At least 10% of PDSA Pet Insurance customers would pay £3.52 a month or less for their cat insurance, or £6.40 a month or less for their dog insurance (Based on PDSA 2000 rates correct at April 2010 using the profile of all business March 2009 to April 2010). Premiums depend on individual circumstances. Policies are an annual contract, and premiums are paid on a monthly or annual basis.
*Coverage provided for ongoing conditions is provided subject to the policy being renewed and the original policy limit per condition. Pre-existing conditions and/or illnesses are not covered.
**Death from illness does not apply to dogs over 9 years of age and cats over 11 years of age.


  • Up to 5% online discount
  • 3 levels of cover to choose from
  • Pay monthly at no extra cost
  • For every policy, PDSA receives vital income to help pets in need
  • Cover your pet against ongoing conditions*
  • No upper age limits apply**
  • Access to a range of pet helplines