One Of The Top 5 U.S. Companies!

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VPI has been around a good while, and actually helped the industry of pet insurance to get started in the US. Since 1982 they have helped insure over one million animals. We were impressed that the company was partly founded by veterinarians, as well.

This company also insures exotic pets, which are becoming more popular in some areas. They have  great customer service and that department alone has over one hundred employees in it. Their plans are very customizable and you can choose your deductible within a range of $100 to $1000.


According to a study conducted by ACI Research, 9 out of 10 veterinarians recommend VPI Pet Insurance as the pet health insurance company that they prefer. VPI is supported by an independent Veterinary Advisory Board, that provides guidance and insight on pet health trends. More than 10 veterinarians and 60 veterinary technicians are employed by VPI.


  • Coverage is based on a benefit schedule, not on hidden “customary and usual” fees.
  • Exotic pet coverage
  • Continuous coverage at no additional charge.
  • Keep seeing your same vet.
  • Send them the bill, they send you a check.
  • AAHA approved.
  • BBB rating = A+