Uk Pet Insurance Plans Archive

Virgin Pet Insurance

Virgin Pet Insurance Review ( phone – 0800 051 0477 ) Virgin offers three levels of coverage – so there’s bound to be one to suit your pet and your pocket. Accidental injury This is designed to

Tesco Pet Insurance

Tesco Pet Insurance Review ( phone – 0845 078 3878 )   Tesco offers 2 levels of coverage,  Standard & Extra. Their Standard Policy is a Time and Benefit Limited policy :A 12 month policy provides insurance for each new medical

Sainsbury Pet Insurance

Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance Review ( phone – 0800 434 6359 ) Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance offers great value for new as well as existing customers. Take out pet insurance today and you’ll get a 20% online discount. Plus, you’ll

SAGA Pet Insurance

SAGA Pet Insurance ( phone – 0800 056 5096 ) Saga offers some good deals but if you go with something such as their Saver plan, a consumer must keep in mind that type of plan is only for 12 months,

RSPCA Pet Insurance

RSPCA Pet Insurance Review ( phone – 0800 032 5952 )   One Of The U.K.’s Best! Since 1824, the RSPCA has been at the heart of animal welfare. In conjunction with AXA Insurance they now offer domestic

Planet Direct Pet Insurance

Planet Direct Pet Insurance  One Of The U.K.’s Best! ( phone – 0800 048 0058 )   Features: UK’s most popular commercial pet website with over 500,000 registered members they have been able to negotiate directly with an

PetWise Pet Insurance

PetWise Pet Insurance Review ( phone – 0800 456 1164 ) Coverage  up to £1,000 under their Bronze plan, £3,000 under their Silver plan , and £5,000 under the Gold plan, (Coverage is provided on a per incident basis). Many insurers

Petplan Pet Insurance – UK

Petplan Review ( phone: 0845 077 1934 ) Since entering the market back in 1976, Petplan has continued to specialize in domestic pet insurance and has been committed to providing the best level of coverage for your

PetPals Direct Pet Insurance

PetPals Direct Review ( phone –  0800 328 9847 ) Petpals Direct is run by Pet Protect Limited, a pet insurance specialist since 1983. For more than 25 years Pet Protect Limited has been looking after

Pet Protect Pet Insurance

Pet Protect Pet Insurance Review ( phone – 0800 055 6236 ) Pet Protect offers a lifelong policy that covers ongoing conditions throughout your pet’s life with no exclusions once your pet insurance policy is in force! Some companies