Sainsbury Pet Insurance

Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance Review

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Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance offers great value for new as well as existing customers. Take out pet insurance today and you’ll get a 20% online discount. Plus, you’ll get double Nectar points -for 2 years on Sainsbury’s shopping if you choose an Option 2 policy (up to £7,500 vet fees cover), provided you don’t cancel your policy. (double Nectar points earned only when you pay with your Sainsbury’s Nectar Credit Card & hand over your Nectar card. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.).

Alternatively, if you quote and buy an Option 2 policy by telephone – you’ll receive a £40 Sainsbury’s voucher to treat you or your pet (minimum £100 premium applies). You must ensure that your pet has received the required vaccinations, failure to comply with this may jeopardize your claim or coverage!

Did you know that about 10% of pets have dental problems at one time or another? Sainsbury Pet Insurance also offers dental coverage.

Lucy Hunter of Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance commented: “It’s important your pet’s dental care isn’t overlooked as the consequences could cause the animal distress, put them at risk of infection and can be very costly. A good way to manage these costs is to take out adequate pet insurance that provides cover for both dental accident and illness.”


Dental claims for cats and dogs Estimated number of claims per year for cats and dogs Pecentage of all dental claims for cats and dogs Average cost of dental claim between 2008 and 2010
Routine dental 260 3% £166.86
Gingivitis 5,730 66.8% £175.22
Mouth injury 2,590 30.2% £233.91
  • One of the U.K.’s oldest retailers from when it was founded in London in 1869, through to present day.
  • They’ll give you a 1/3 off online. This is their best ever offer and has been extended to July 4, 2011.
  • Up to £7,500 in vet fees cover per condition.
  • No time limit for illnesses (option available) provided your premiums are up to date.
  • Help finding lost pets – up to £1,000 for advertising and £250 as a reward.
  • 5% discount for second pet.

Their insurance is underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc.