PetsHealth Pet Insurance


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PetsHealth is offered by the Hartville Group which has a well established reputation in the pet insurance industry. The people at Petshealth Care Plan understand the bond you share with your pet because a great many of them are pet owners too. Their Petshealth Care Plan family is made up of over 50 pet lovers who own over 64 dogs and 68 cats. They also know firsthand how expensive it can be to keep your pet healthy – and how devastating it can be to lose a pet to injury or illness. That’s why they take pride in helping their customers protect their pets, so they can afford to get them the care they need to keep them happy and healthy.

They are proud of their partnership with the Hartville Group, Inc., our parent company, has been selected as the ASPCA’s Strategic Partner for pet insurance. They selected Hartville in recognition of our dedication to the health and welfare of pets. Find out more about this exciting partnership.


  • 4 increasing levels of protection – accident, illness, wellness, and wellness plus.
  • Optional coverage for ongoing conditions.
  • Reimburse 80% of usual and customary covered charges.
  • Low $100 deductible only needs to be met once a year per pet.
  • BBB rating = A+