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Since entering the market back in 1976, Petplan has continued to specialize in domestic pet insurance and has been committed to providing the best level of coverage for your pet. Petplan wants you to know they are there to help with the financial and emotional burden of paying for treatment when your pet suffers an injury or illness. So if you are looking for the experts in dog insurance, cat insurance or rabbit insurance, they would love to speak with you.

Their continuing support of charities nationwide saw them pay over £1.85 million in commissions in 2010, helping them to improve the quality of life for abandoned and abused animals.

Petplan considers themselves pet friendly insurance providers. They realize that it is sometimes the small things that will influence your opinion; like settling a claim quickly and fairly, or paying the vet directly in the event of injury or illness. Whenever you talk to them, whether it’s in an emergency or to decide which coveage is best for you, you can rely on them to be friendly, helpful and understanding.

As the pet people, they are passionate about animal welfare and the principle of responsible pet ownership. They support many charities and in 1994 set up the Petplan Charitable Trust which has, so far, raised over £5million towards a better, safer world for animals. Our researchers were very impressed in finding out about the Petplan Charitable Trust!  Each year many thousands of Petplan customers generously contribute an optional £1.50 which is collected alongside their insurance premium when they take out a policy. In addition to the generosity shown by their customers, Petplan makes an annual donation to the trust. Since inception the Petplan Charitable Trust has awarded over £5 million in grants and donations. These grants have provided much-needed money to help fund research into treatment for life-threatening diseases, and for welfare and education projects across the country.

By supporting the Petplan Charitable Trust they can help ensure the continued health and welfare of our nation’s animals.


  • Petplan has developed strong relationships with charities and vets throughout the UK.
  • In 2010 over 40% of claims were settled between Petplan and the vet, resulting in the customer only having to pay the excess for the total cost of treatment.
  • For over 30 years they have maintained their position as the market-leading pet insurance provider in the UK.
  • One of only a handful of pet insurance providers to offer a genuine ‘lifetime’ insurance policy.
  • They have a number of policies that you can choose from – designed to suit both your pocket and your pet’s needs.
  • 10% discount for signing up online.