Fuzzy Pet Insurance


( phone – (844) 649-8095 )

Fuzzy is a new player in the world of pet health insurance. The brainchild of millennials, FUZZY was motivated to create something better after their own disillusioning experience with traditional providers for pets like themselves who were disappointed by high costs and indifferent customer service when it came time to seek help or advice on claims. Fuzzy’s primary focus is on preventive care. For a monthly subscription fee, dogs and cats enrolled with Fuzzy receive all of their wellness/preventive care.. Now, here’s where it gets really interesting. Fuzzy veterinarians visit all of their patients in the owner’s home or office with a friendly tone that animal loves because they are back among familiar surroundings and don’t have to interrupt any daily schedules as visits can be scheduled evening hours on weekends! More and more companies are encouraging employees to bring their pets to work, and Fuzzy veterinarians readily come to the workplace for an “office visit”.


  • Up to two veterinary visits per year (thorough physical exam as well as counseling on nutrition, exercise, behavior, parasite prevention, and whatever else comes up during the discussion).
  • Multiple visits for puppies during their initial vaccination series
  • All vaccinations with protocols tailored to meet the needs of the individual animal
  • Annual heartworm testing and screening for intestinal parasites
  • Microchip placement and registration.
  • All preventive medications (heartworm, intestinal parasites, fleas, ticks).
  • Electronic record keeping.
  • Digital access to Fuzzy veterinarians (seven days a week)
  • Digital health and medication reminders
  • Access to an online library of pet health information