Tesco Pet Insurance

Tesco Pet Insurance Review


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Tesco offers 2 levels of coverage,  Standard & Extra.

Their Standard Policy is a Time and Benefit Limited policy :A 12 month policy provides insurance for each new medical condition, up to a set financial limit. Each condition is covered for 12 months, usually from its onset or diagnosis. If the financial limit is reached within the 12 month period, the insurance will stop paying for that condition. Once the limit has been reached the condition becomes a pre-existing condition and is excluded from future claims. These are basic insurance policies and are usually the cheapest available.

Their Extra Policy is a  Benefit Limited/Maximum Benefit type of policy. There is a financial limit for each new condition your pet may incur. Each condition is insured until the financial limit has been reached, as long as the insurance policy remains in force there is no time limit on your claim. Once the financial limit has been reached, the medical condition becomes a pre-existing condition and is excluded from future claims.


  • Accidental death – pets are priceless but insurance can pay out if they go missing, are stolen or are fatally hurt in an accident.  Third party liability insurance (dogs only) – They will pay up to £2,000,000 in any policy period towards compensation and costs awarded against you by a court if your pet causes death or injury to a person, or causes damage to property during a period of insurance.
  • Theft or straying – Up to £1000 towards the costs of advertising, which includes up to £200 reward and up to £1500 towards your pets purchase price if your pet is not found.
  • Hospitalization of owner – cost of boarding fees if you have to go into hospital for emergency treatment.
  • Up to £5,000 coverage if you have to cancel or cut short your holiday or if your pet goes missing or needs emergency life saving treatment.
  • Overseas travel including emergency expenses cover whilst abroad and cover for the loss of your pet’s passport.
  • 10% discount for each pet you insure after the first one. (most companies will give you only 10% total).