PurinaCare Pet Insurance

Purina has long been a trusted name among pet care enthusiasts, they have been in business for 85 years! So it’s no wonder pet owners tend to lean towards brand name recognition when it comes to insuring their pet. Having PurinaCare coverage, helps pet owners focus on what’s best for the health of their pets, with fewer worries about overall cost. PurinaCare tries to make it easy for you and your veterinarian to provide—and your pet to enjoy a lifetime with each other.

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One thing that impressed our researchers is that they only have their customers pay one deductible per year, not per incident as so many other insurance companies are prone to do!




  • PurinaCare offers several plans.
  • Their primary plan, PurinaCare plus Preventive Care, covers eligible accidents and illnesses for your pet, as well as routine expenses like annual exams, eligible vaccinations, flea and heartworm control, and dental scaling/polishing. This provides  an easy way to help  your pet with routine preventive care and give yourself true peace of mind.
  • Their PurinaCare without Preventive Care plan is right if you simply want to insure your dog or cat against the unexpected accidents or illness. It covers treatment of eligible accidents and illness, including those arising from hereditary conditions, and helps you provide high-quality care if unexpected issues arise.
  • Their PurinaCare Accident Only plan is for pet owners who would like  to insure their dog or cat against an unexpected accident. It does not cover any kind of illness, including those arising from hereditary conditions. It simply helps you provide high-quality care if an accident occurs.
  • The two most poular plans cover most injuries and illnesses, including those caused by hereditary conditions.
  • Their preventive care plan also covers most routine medical procedures, including annual exams, vaccinations, flea and heartworm preventives, and dental scaling/polishing.
  • One deductible per year, not per incident.
  • AAHA approved.
  • BBB rating = B-