Compare UK Pet Insurance Plans

InsurerPolicy NameMax Vet
Claim BasisAnnual PolicyPer
Life LongOnline DiscountMulti Pet
Essential£4000Per ConditionYes12 month for 1015%
Option 1£3000Per ConditionYes25% for Nectar Holders
Pet Saver£3000Per ConditionYes25%
Essential£5000Per ConditionYes10%
Accident & illness£3000Per ConditionYes10%
Standard£3500Per ConditionYes10%15%
Standard£3000Per ConditionYes10%20%
Advanced£6000Per ConditionYes20%
Standard£7000Per ConditionYes12 months for 1015%
Option 2£7500Per ConditionYes
Illness Extra£6000Per ConditionYes10%
Superior£6000Per ConditionYes10%
Premier£5000Per ConditionYes10%
Standard£4000Per YearYes15%
Premier£7000Per YearYes15%

Pet insurance cover eases the financial burden. With insurance plans from as little as £4 per month it’s never been easier or cheaper to insure pets in the UK, and to protect against high veterinary costs. Every year one in three cats and dogs are ill or injured. The average cost of taking them to the vet is about £300 per visit. So why take risks with your pet’s welfare? Apply for pet insurance today.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Pet insurance is similar to other forms of health insurance cover. A premium is paid to the provider. When your pet becomes ill and requires treatment you make a claim for the costs incurred. The insurance provider then pays out a cheque and you bank it. Simple! Most types of domesticated animal are eligible for pet insurance in the UK. Many standard policies insure cats and dogs. Some extend cover to rabbits, birds and horses. For exotic animals and other uncommon pets competitive insurance quotes are best sought through companies that specialise in insuring these types of creatures. For all types of pets it is worth noting that premiums may vary according to breed.

What’s Covered?

Reimbursement of veterinary fees is the main reason pet owners insure their animals. But there are other benefits available too. If your pet were to die from accidental injury your policy may cover the price you paid for the animal. Should your pet injure someone or cause damage to property you may have legal protection by way of third party liability cover. Even if your pet was to go missing you may be able to claim for the cost of advertising for the pet’s safe return or for membership of the Missing Pets Bureau. When taking out insurance, pet owners are offered choices on the level of cover. The cheapest pet insurance arrangements are policies that pay out on conditions caused by accidental injury only, or where claims are limited to certain illnesses. More comprehensive pet insurance policies cover pets for all eventualities, including treatment for a long list of illnesses and disease, for the whole of the animal’s life. Premiums may be slightly higher, but for your peace of mind and the knowledge that your pet is able to receive the best treatment, come what may, the extra cost is often worth it.

Featured Brands

**RSPCA Pet Insurance**

( phone – 0800 032 5952 )

  • vet fees – up to £6,500 per condition with Gold coverage, or up to £3,000 per condition with Silver coverage to help with vet bills if your cat or dog develops a new medical condition
  • boarding costs – up to £100* per week is available for kennelling costs should you fall ill and require hospital treatment as an in patient (*£100 per week to a maximum of £750 with Gold coverage, or £50 per week to a maximum of £250 with Silver coverage)
  • third party liability insurance – up to £2 million to help with legal liability for any loss, damages or injury caused by your dog (up to £2,000,000 with Gold coverage, or £1,000,000 with Silver coverage).

Since 1824, the RSPCA has been at the heart of animal welfare. In conjunction with AXA insurance they now offer domestic pet insurance. Their long history of animal specialty means that their pet insurance goes beyond what’s usually offered from most insurance companies. Each of their policies helps care for animals in need, with 20 percent of each premium going towards the RSPCA’s care for unwanted and neglected animals in England and Wales.



**PDSA Pet Insurance**

( phone – 0800 980 6000 )

  • Up to 5% online discount
  • 3 levels of cover to choose from
  • Pay monthly at no extra cost
  • For every policy, PDSA receives vital income to help pets in need
  • Cover your pet against ongoing conditions*
  • No upper age limits apply**
  • Access to a range of pet helplines

PDSA is Britain’s leading veterinary charity has been offering the Petsurance policy for many years. PDSA products are created under the guidance of its veterinary experts.

Coverage starts from as little as 12p a day:  e.g. At least 10% of PDSA Pet Insurance customers would pay £3.52 a month or less for their cat insurance, or £6.40 a month or less for their dog insurance (Based on PDSA 2000 rates correct at April 2010 using the profile of all business March 2009 to April 2010). Premiums depend on individual circumstances. Policies are an annual contract, and premiums are paid on a monthly or annual basis.
*Coverage provided for ongoing conditions is provided subject to the policy being renewed and the original policy limit per condition. Pre-existing conditions and/or illnesses are not covered.
**Death from illness does not apply to dogs over 9 years of age and cats over 11 years of age.


**Liverpool Victoria Pet Insurance **

( phone – 0800 022 3906 )

  • 10% online discount for new pet insurance policies.
  • A choice of coverage to meet your needs – Essential or Premier
  • Up to £5,000 vet’s fees coverage for each condition.
    • Essential pet insurance – up to 12 months treatment for each condition.
    • Premier pet insurance – no time limit for treatment for each condition.
  • There is no upper age limit for your pet.
  • There are no extra costs if you want to pay by the month.
  • You can get access to four helplines.
  • In the event your pet gets lost or stolen they help pay for advertising costs to help locate them.
  • If your pet is in need of emergency treatment and you have a vacation planned they can help with cancellation costs.

Pet insurance for cats and dogs provided by Liverpool Victoria offers great coverage and superb value. Purchase a policy online in just a few minutes and benefit from 10% discount when you buy.


**Planet Direct Pet Insurance**

( phone – 0800 048 0058 )

  • UK’s most popular commercial pet website with over 500,000 registered members they have been able to negotiate directly with an insurance underwriter to develop their own exclusive Planet Direct® Pet Insurance.
  • They created two products which, they believe meet the needs of their customers.
  • “Classic” is a “12 month” pet insurance option which offers essential vet fee coverage; ideal for owners worried about the initial high costs of treatment (up to £2,000 vet fees for each illness or injury for up to 12 months).
  • “Select Plus” is a “Lifetime Coverage” pet insurance option which offers greater peace of mind for longer term illness as it offers a higher level of veterinary fee cover for each year of the policy (up to £5,000 each year for the life of your pet, provided the policy is renewed each year).