ShelterCare Pet Insurance


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The ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs were created to meet the unique needs of newly adopted pets. More animal welfare organizations in the United States and Canada offer ShelterCare Pet Insurance than any other pet insurance program.

ShelterCare has programs that offer you coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and accidents. Get in touch with them  so they can design coverage just right for your budget and to enhance and protect your pet’s life.

When you compare pet insurance claim reimbursements, ShelterCare’s payouts are frequently higher than other pet insurance companies that use restrictive benefit limits. Whether you use a participating EVE clinic and your claim is filed and processed online through EVE, online claims processing, or if you choose to use a clinic that’s not in their network, they’ll pay within 5 -10 business days of receiving your completed claim.





  • No restrictive schedule of benefits.
  • 3 levels of care, BasicForever and Preferred.
  • 100% guaranteed acceptance for your pet over 8 weeks old.
  • Your premium does NOT increase as your pet ages.
  • Accident coverage always begins the next day.
  • Convenient monthly or annual payment schedule.
  • Fast claims payment, usually 5-10 business days.
  • BBB rating = A+