Quick Start Pet insurance Guide

Quick Start Guide

Basics of Pet Insurance Shopping

Pet Insurance Comparison Made Easy!
As with health insurance for humans, some people are intimidated by shopping for pet insurance and doing the research required for proper pet insurance comparison. So many choices to be made, different deductibles and coverages. Some “Cadillac”  plans will offer even dental coverage, while others may concentrate on mostly emergency coverage. All plans that we have examined allow for preventive coverage. Occassionally you may even be able to enroll online and use your benefits the next day!

In order to help you get started we have put together a check list with reminders of the type of information you may need to have on hand in order to get accurate quotes from the providers.

1. Know your budget.  Everyone has their limits financially and you must balance that with trying to get the best care for your pet.

2. Check with your local veterinarian. They often will know of programs and may be able to recommend several to choose from.

3. Have an accurate assessment of your pets health available. ( age, medical history, etc.) Some companies may cover pre-existing conditions, but it will likely cost you more.

4. Check with state and/or local regulatory agencies to find out if there any special circumstances regarding the issuing of these types of policies in your area.

5. Check with the Better Business Bureau, as well as insurance rating agencies on companies you are planning to do business with.

6. Make good notes that are readable after you hang up the phone, or log off the internet, so that you can review various policies/programs before you make that decision to spend your hard earned money!

7. Look for approval of providers by agencies such as NAPHIA ( North American Pet Health Insurance association), ASPCA (American Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals), as well as the AAHA ( American Animal Hospital Association) among others. In the U.K. check with the RSPCA (Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals).

8. Ask your friends that have pets. One of them may already have the ‘low down’ on providers in your area and could help you in your pet insurance comparison.